The early morning comes as an invitation to become the agents of a new dreamland reality - one we can make each day with careful loving actions, the hues of the world bloom anew is if each were a tiny flower reborn. There is an awakening magic each day in the early morning, a sense of an old earth-spirit rekindled that seeks to knit together all that is good. 

Amelia awakes to soft sheets, and the morning light trickled in through the blinds. Shedding herself of the remaining glimpses of a dream, her eyes are still shut as she soaked in the warmth of the strong arms that are firmly wrapped around her before letting her blue eyes see the sun's rays.

She blinks, close her eyes, and blink again. Streaks of sunlight penetrate the window and blind her. She cleans her eyes as she tries to get up, but she couldn't ask she felt a strong hold on her. Looking up, she meets the peaceful face of Jake. And that was when she realized!

She had slept here and if he wakes up and finds her here then there will be no way to get away from him. She really wanted to remain there and enjoy the warmth of her body but still, his life is far more important than her needs. She tries to get free from his grip but it wasn't that easy.

She had a strong mate.

She bit her lips as she looked around the room. This is the first time she examined her mate's room and it felt like home. The room is blue with beautiful murals on the wall, hand painted by someone who knew what they were doing. The scene is of the stilt walkers that cruise down the Vancouver streets in the winter festival. The colours are like nothing else, vibrant, strong. No washed out blues and insipid baby colours for her mate. 

She bit her lips as she stopped examining the room. She had to get away from this comfortable zone before he wakes up. She closes her eyes as she uses her hand to create a fluffy snow animal. Carefully putting it in his hands. Fortunately, he held the stuffed animal instead and removed his hands around her, turning over to the other side.

This was her chance.

She got up and adjusted her dress, getting ready to leave through the window. She looked at the door leading out of the room, she really wanted to see how his house looks like.

No! He might wake up.

"But what if he gets hungry?" She asked herself as she looked at him again. She couldn't push the urge to cook for her mate. Kissing his forehead, she walked to the door, opened it and left the room.

Finding the kitchen was quite easy for her as she set to work using what she could find. She always prepares food for her aunt back at the tower so she knew what to prepare for her mate as breakfast.

She bit her lips as she thought about her aunt. It has been a week since she had run away. She knew her aunt was looking for her. She knew one day she would give up running and face her aunt one on one. She never understood why her aunt always locks her away from the world. For eighteen years she was restricted from movement. She never saw the snow or sand, except using her powers to make snow.

She knew there was something she came to earth for, but she could not point out what it was. But the moment she finally stepped out of the tower which served as her cage, she knew she had to run.

She had to be free.

If she had not left, she would not have met her mate. Even if she might die before they can even be together, at least she met him......she saw his face......felt it......that was quite enough for her.

Food blossomed in the kitchen with its own special fragrance as the vivid colours of the food spoke to its freshness and the bold flavours to come. She smiled as she saw what she had accomplished.

Serving the food, she kept a plate for him on the table. And that was when she heard his door open, with his ever soothing voice, calling her name, "Amelia"

Jake Pov

"Amelia" He called as he cleaned his eyes, walking towards the kitchen. The aroma of food from the kitchen made him confused.

Father never cooks, so who prepared breakfast?

He had woken up with a stuffed snow man. For some reason, he slept well just like he had slept yesterday. He smelt her scent the moment he woke up, it was still fresh. 

Maybe she came back?

He stopped at the dining room, opening the food he found there. It was Omlette, cheesy with dark leafy greens. And there her scent was again;

"Amelia" He called again as he walked into the kitchen. And there he saw tiny sparkles, more like snow. He scratched his hair as he groaned in frustration.

Why is she doing this to him?

He walked back to his room and freshened up. Walking back to the dining room, he ate the food and made his way out of the house. 

He needed some time alone.

On these fine balmy days the city folk strut. Gone are the heads up bustles of the summer time, when they walk in tight fitting clothes, every eye hiding behind sunglasses and hair flows freely in the breeze and show off the physiques they sweated for in those darker and wetter months.

Now is the time they walk heads down in the winter time,every clad in thick duffle or dark wool. He bent his head as he continued walking, unaware of where he was going. All he just wanted to do was free himself from all the emotions, happenings and pains he is going through at the moment.

He wanted to scream out loud but he couldn't.....he wanted to hump from very high building down and forget any of it happened in the other world. He wanted some bad to forget Amelia because she had put him in a state where he won't survive if he wasn't with her.

And then he had an idea. He was going to stand in front of the road and kill himself. Of course he would die a painful death, but at least he would die. He looked ahead to see a road with cars speeding to and fro.

Here was his chance.

He ran to the middle of the road.....and waited....waited for the deed to be done. He felt breeze on his face and his hair swaying to and fro. 

Death cannot be like this. He opened his eyes to see he was standing in front of a boy. He should be at the same age as himself, but what happened?

"Why do you want to kill yourself? If i had not saved you i wondered what would have happened. Are you all right?"

He would have been white if it weren't for all the freckles. There were so many his face was brown with small pale spaces here and there, like the tips of grass struggling to show through the golden-brown leaves of fall. His hair was a perfect mop of red, it would have been lion-like had he not been so skinny. His old maroon t-shirt was a small, but on him it was like his big brother's shirt, clinging where it shouldn't and hanging loose where it shouldn't. 

He then realised where they were, they were standing in front of a stair case. The concrete steps were filled with early morning snow. The boy sat on a step with snow as he looked around. Surely he must feel it. His arms were wrapped tightly around his knees that jutted up sharply. Jake took in his face for as long as he dared look, skeletal really. No-one's cheekbones should stick out so far. 

"What were you thinking?" The boy asked again, looking up at him. Jake turned his head to face the road. He didn't know what to say other than to keep quiet. He was not a fan of friends. 

He never had a friend.

"I asked a question" The boy asked again as he stood up, probably checking him out. Jake put his hands in his pockets as he looked at him, and he turned around, walking away.

"Hey stop!" He shouted as Jake walked away. But he didn't stop, he walked away and did not even turn back. Not until he felt a hand on his shoulders.

"Please i need your help. I do not know anyone here" He said as he stepped in front of him.

"I am not the only person here so go find another" Jake answered, trying to walk away from him, but he was quick to hold both his shoulders.

Look....i am here on a mission....and....and if i do not find someone, we will be doomed.....please help" He said as he looked into his eyes.

"Get away from me!" Jake tries to shake him away but he did not budge. He looked up at the strange boy and realised he was looking at him in shock.

And then he took his hands away from him and walked away from him as if he was afraid of him.

"Your...your eyes are white" 


They say that any technology sufficiently advanced looks like magic, and you see, there is the clue to the art of magic... it's also a science, a technology. It can be used for the betterment of mankind, to promote our evolution, or to bring devastation upon us all. Those who practice the dark arts use it for power and control, for abuse and for the pleasure they feel in causing pain and death. It is for the most parts a linguistical method, hence the "spells" in literature, the sense that it is done with words... because for the most part, it is. It is often combined with fear and sometimes drugs. It works because of the way the brain is wired with words and images.

Ursula, who is believed to be the only witch existing believes that power and authority are only for witches. She had been banished  a thousand of years before because she had tried to poison the Summer King whom is no more alive. For thousands of years she hid in the forest, seeking her dark revenge.

For years she planned to take over the kingdoms of the seven protectors, although the Phoenix had conquered the last six. When she had gotten to know about the Prophecy, she had decided to find the Phoenix who would lead her to her destined mate so she could kill him and redesign fate, but that would be once she was reincarnated.

A poor pregnant fairy came to her doorstep on a Winter afternoon. She seemed to be in labour and was dying of cold. Ursula did not believe in being good and so she was about to live the woman to die when she saw a star on the woman's neck.

It was always believed that when a crystal star appears on the right hand side of a woman's neck, she houses a powerful child. So this meant that she carried a very powerful immortal in her stomach.

"This baby could be of advantage to her" She thought as she decided to help the woman. She took her in the room and lay her on the bed. Using her powers to check on the baby, she saw it was still healthy and alive.

The woman was too weak to push her baby out of her. The witch knew this woman was about to die but she had to get the baby out of her first. 

Suddenly the woman started pushing, with all her might and power. She did not give up, neither did she give in to breathe. She did not stop till the baby was out.

A beautiful white mystic aura shone on the baby as Ursula carried the baby on her arms.

" baby...." The dying fairy said.

"Ple....please take care of my" She said, as life went out of her.

And then the mystical mist on the baby cleared. It was a girl. And then she saw it......The tattoo of the phoenix on the baby's left hand. 

She knew she was holding the Phoenix of Winter in her arms. Finally! She had her chance. Discarding the lifeless body of the baby's mother, Ursula flew with the baby on her magical broom to a very desolate tower. Her plan was to keep her there, because if she is caged in, there is no way she would be able to find the destined Ice King.

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