A week off work was quite relaxing! I got to rest, recuperate, sleep in and have baths and naps whenever I felt it warranted.

My depo appointment was boring. Just the usual. Bend over and get a needle.

Easy work.

Thursday evening I went to the local salon and had my waxing done. Legs, underarms and pubic area.

Being hair free makes me feel sexy, I have no idea why.

The guys had left me alone to rest and recover for the entire week. I felt lonely for the first time in ages. I have no female friends as I got hurt so much by bitching and lies when I was a teenager, so I took comfort in men and their weapons between their legs.

Once I was out of school, women saw me as a threat, thinking I'd steal their boyfriends or whatnot because of my reputation. That's not who I am. I always made sure my sexual partners were single first!!

Now, Saturday night, I am sat in front of the television with a large pepperoni pizza, popcorn, a bottle of diet coke and X Factor on.

"Get him off!" I shout out at the TV, throwing a handful of popcorn at the screen.

I admit, I get slightly violent at annoying situations and pathetic singers. X Factor is my secret passion, but I get so riled up when idiotic, tone deaf losers seem to think they can sing in tune!

"Oh seriously, do you really think you have a good voice? Get. Off. The. Stage." I groan at an idiotic, camp looking male who's singing Live While We're Young by One Direction, while popping his hip dramatically and screeching at the top of his oversized lungs. "I hope you realise you sound like a baboon on steroids?!"

I hear deep booming laughter behind me, and dart my head to the sound of the voice, only to be greeted with a harsh punch in the face.

Who the...?

I taste blood in my mouth, and I look up dazed into glittering green eyes. Who the hell is this man??

"Oh, hello sweetheart, I'm here to take you back to my master. He wants you. Time to go, baby." The guy states, as if it's the most obvious thing in the world.

My jaw drops, I shake my head furiously and my heartbeat increases a million times a minute.

"I am not going anywhere with you!" I screech, staring to get angry alongside my wolf.

The guy laughs again. "Oh, you tell the funniest jokes!" His poker face returns. "Oh, you will be coming with me whore... or I'll make you."

My wolf growls inside my head. 'Like seriously are we! That idiot is only human. We could take him!'

I smirk, acknowledging this vital little piece of information, and stand from my space on the sofa. "Try and make me."

His face falls. "You think you can beat me? You're nothing but a weak little girl. I can, and will, make you. Just you watch." He threatens, making me laugh.

I feel my eyes darken, and the guy's face falls, his eyes widen in shock, my wolf starts to take over, wanting that idiot dead.

"Try me." I hiss.

Swallowing his fear, I watch as his stance changes, the fool stalks towards me, emulating power and dominance, but for the first time it doesn't have any effect on me.

This man is not my master, or my mate, and I have control.

I change my stance, readying myself to fight. Feeling cocky, I raise my hand, palm up, and beckon him foreword.

I had plenty of fight training in my teens as part of pack protection. "I'm ready."

Pulling his arm back, he squeezes his large hand into a fist, swinging it foreword in hope of punching me. Little does he know, I have restraint training and I grab his wrist, flip over his back and snap his arm with a loud crack, making him scream in pain and fury.

"You whore!" He screams, clutching his damaged arm. "You're gonna pay!"

I smirk, crossing my arms in defiance. "I can handle anything you bring at me Mr GreenEyes!"

That only angers him more. "I don't think so. Even with a broken arm, I'm one of the strongest men in our team!"

I know this tactic. He's trying to distract me from the task at hand, so he can defeat me. "Oh? What team?" I ask sarcastically.

Smirking, thinking he's managed it, he continues. "We are a Dom company. We collect dominants and train them, and find them submissive souls to use and abuse. We know what you do, and one of our clients wants you, and only you."

I sigh. I've dealt with this many times before. Just because of Dean and his rank in the social and financial world, people find out what he does and who he's  with, and try to use it against him.

I've been pursued a few times now, and as you can see, it hasn't worked!

"You really think that's gonna work on me? I have a Dom, and I won't be swapping to Doms who aren't as experienced as I'd like. My Dom knows how to treat me, and I like it! You can either give up and tell your 'client' I'm taken, or you can fight me and lose. Most likely, end up dead." I explain, my hands placed on my hips in defiance.

Mr GreenEyes smirks, and stalks again, his broken arm placed gingerly on his chest. Does he really think he has a chance? I'm a frickin' wolf!!

I'll let him make his move before I kill him.

I decide I need to inform my mate, who is also the pack Alpha of what is happening, so quickly open my mind.

'Holden!!' I screech in my head.

I feel a jump of shock inside the walls of my brain.


'Yes! I have an intruder. Human, but he's threatening to kidnap me. I don't want to, but I'm going to either injure or kill him.'

I don't hear anything else. Does Holden care about me? Rude!!

I don't have time to ponder as the idiot in my flat reaches me, attempting to grab my throat with his able hand. I roll my eyes, humouring him, waiting for him to give up.

I'm a shifter wolf, so normal human strength doesn't come close to mine. The pressure he's putting on my neck just feels like something slightly poking me.

I roll my eyes, bored.

Mr GreenEyes gets impatient and huffs, letting go.

I cross my arms again and sigh while shaking my head. "Well, that was exciting. Can you give up and go now?"

He grits his teeth audibly, and pulls out a pair of handcuffs from his back pocket. I roll my eyes. "If they're normal handcuffs, I'll be able to break out of them in a matter of seconds.  You had better give up now and save yourself an early grave."

Just then, as the incredibly dumb human tries to handcuff me with his one capable hand, my front door crashes down to the floor with a bang.

Standing in the door way is...

Holden, Dean, and a few other men that smell like wolves.

All with murderous looks on their faces.

My hands are cuffed behind my back, and I feel bored. Get this over and done with already!!

"What the hell do you think you're doing?!" Dean roars in anger, stalking toward us, his eyes jet black, his features vibrating in anger.

Mr GreenEyes finally starts to look panicked. His eyes darts around the room, obviously trying to find an escape route.

I pull against the restraints of the metal handcuffs, snapping them clean off my wrists.

I am pissed!

I stalk towards Mr GreenEyes, feeling my wolf slip to the surface.

"You came into MY flat, tried to kidnap and hurt me! Punched me in the face, and threatened me! You are a disgusting, pathetic human and I'm not gonna stop whatever these men decide to do with you. You brought this on yourself!" I stand right in his face. "First, I think I deserve to relieve a little anger out on you!"

I flex my shoulders, and clench my fists, I want him to pay!

In a flash, I strike. Throwing my fist in his nose, stomach, my knee in his groin, and stamp my heel on his foot. He groans, cries and screams in pain before falling on the floor.

I stand over his cringing figure, spit in his face before sneering. "I warned you. You didn't listen. What I did to you is nothing compared to what might happen to you! I don't want to see your face ever again or I promise, you will die."

I kick him once in the ribs, making him groan, before walking out of the room to my bedroom, slamming the door shut with fury.

I curl up on my bed, the anger evaporating, and turning to the overwhelming emotion of fear and worry. Nobody had ever tried to kidnap me before for a Dom, only pursue me with letters, bribes and harassing phone calls.

Tears stream down my face, the adrenaline receding from my veins and I start to shake.

I force the thick duvet over me, covering my entire body in feather down as I try to hide from the world.

I hear grunts and groans and a stifled scream coming from my living room, my tears filling my eyes faster than before.

I can't stand hearing the noises I am right now.

I feel as though I've returned to the frightened, lonely, fragile girl I was in my teen years.

Unable to handle confrontation, fearing the slightest noise ,and staying far well away from people and intimacy.

Hearing my bedroom door click open, I flinch, tightly holding the duvet around my shaking figure.

"Go away. Please?" I whimper. "Just go away!"

"Hey, hey, hey..." It's Dean's soothing voice. "He's gone, baby. Don't worry. You're safe."

I feel him sit on my bed just beside my hands, which are clutching at the duvet.

The tears don't halt, continuously sweeping my face, hot salty rivers down my shaken, cringing face.

I feel someone sit on the other side of my bed. "Hey sweetheart. You're safe. Come out. Please?" It's Holden.

They're both here!

For me!

What do I do though?

I can't seem to pull out of my panic, or my cover.

I'm frozen solid.

My body curled in a fetal position, my hands gripping the duvet around me like a cocoon.

"Come on, Lizzie. We both want to see that you're ok, and behind that cover, you're masked. We can't see you." Dean says gently.

What do I do?

Can I unglue myself from the position I'm in?

Can I unglue my mind from the frame it's in?

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