"It's a very unconventional solution though and can end up with the mates fighting for attention."

I swallow back bile at the idea of Dean and Holden fighting each other for my attention. I couldn't handle losing either of them. I couldn't imagine it!

"Right... so, how would it work? One of my mates is an Alpha? How could I be a Luna if I'm another wolf's mate as well?" I ask with a shaky voice.

My heart is pounding out of my chest, I feel beads of sweat trickle down my back, and my heart aches painfully.

I am so confused!

"It just would. His pack would accept you as Luna because that's your right as his mate."

"The only problem I can see presenting itself, is your mates not accepting the situation you're in and making you choose."

I shake my head, not wanting to picture the scenario in my fragile mind.

"I'm still confused. How can Holden AND Dean both be my mates if my wolf hasn't stated Dean is? She feels pleasure and excitement by h

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