"Well, I guess I should really stop and help you get dressed, eh Liz? We've got a party to go to after all..."

"Yeah, right, like that's gonna happen now!" Lizzie chuckled, pushing out her plump bubble-butt and bending at the waist to give me better access to her holes. "We're not going anywhere or doing anything until you finish what you started, Russ. I mean it!"

Barely sparing a second to reach down to my crotch and adjust the massive erection tenting my pants, I shared one knowing look with my sweet Lizzie before burying my face between her voluptuous asscheeks again. As I started lapping away at her lovely little pucker, her sexy vocalizations brought a huge smile to my butt-pleasing lips.

"Ooooh my god, Russ! Aaahhh yes, baby, lick my ass... Lick my horny little asshole like thaaaat!"


In the three days following the morning when Lizzie had gifted me with her virginity, we were kept pretty busy by the delicious task of making her pussy 'catch up' with her asshole. She even
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