That's probably why I reacted the way I did that night before the party as soon as I saw her bouncy round booty hanging out of her recalcitrant skinny jeans, jiggling and rippling away like the juicy, meaty masterpiece among asses that it was.

As I knelt there with my face buried between Lizzie's luscious buttcheeks, treating her delicate little asshole to the most thorough rimjob I could possibly give, I wondered for a second what would happen if her Mom should unexpectedly come back into the house right there and then, to get something she forgot, for instance. Most likely, neither Liz nor I would even notice if it happened, given how desperately horny we were as we focused completely on what we both knew was mere foreplay for our imminent assfuck, the first after three days of anal abstinence.

"Uuhh fuck yeeess! Ooohh Russ... You lick my ass soooo good!" Lizzie screamed, clawing at the wooden surface of the dresser and arching her back even more, pushing her round jiggly booty agai
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