The flow of juices squelching around my pistoning boner and the way she pushed back ever more aggressively into my spearing thrusts told me that my amazing girlfriend was rapidly approaching her peak. As always, the notion that I was about to make my beloved Lizzie cum generated an intoxicating mix of lust and love inside me, egging me on to give her as much pleasure as I possibly could. Picking up my pussy-stuffing tempo even more, so much so that Liz had to place her hands wide apart on the surface of the dresser and really prop herself up on her extended arms, I turned my tit-massaging routine into a series of more nipple-centered manipulations. Tweaking and pulling and pinching her stiff puffy nipples, I worked Lizzie's sensitive pink nubs with that subtle combination of viciousness and gentleness that never failed to make her shiver in delight.

Her lips didn't stop nursing on mine for a second while Liz, as expected, began squealing with urgency, mutedly yelping into my mouth, cl
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