Excited and achingly hard as I was, I feared that the sensory overload I was experiencing might make me cum too soon, but that didn't stop me from completing my slow yet persistent ass-plugging mission. Taking my time to savor every moment, glorying in the pattern of brief resistance followed by willing capitulation that marked the conquest of every snug millimeter of her slippery anal passage, I eventually managed to cram my girthy shaft to the root inside the amazing tightness of Lizzie's warm, cock-squeezing rectum.

With my scrotum pressed into her soft juice-drenched pussy lips and my groin glued to the luscious perfection of her bouncy booty, I exhaled in delight as I drank in the spectacle of Liz's stretched out butt-ring wrapped firmly around the thick base of my shaft. The mere sight of our anal joining caused my boner to flex with joy inside her ass, coaxing a big dollop of pre-cum to spurt from my glans and plaster the deepest depths of Lizzie's buttery bowels. The unique mi
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