Growling, gluing my torso to Liz's arched back and thus pinning her down to the lacquered surface of the dresser, I started frenziedly bucking my hips, pumping my massively stiff cockmeat in and out of my adored Lizzie's orgasm-possessed and impossibly snug rectum. It was a good thing that I had poured so much lube straight into her ass and that my shaft was also coated with a dripping layer of her pussy juices, otherwise there would have been no way I could have managed to move inside her cramping anal passage, let alone fuck it, not with my cock being so swollen and her anus being tighter than ever due to her spectacular and still rolling climax.


The kiss that locked our mouths together silenced Liz's breathless screams as I hammered away into her ass with all I had. My cock throbbed and flexed continuously, pulsating against the slick constricting walls of Lizzie's warm rectum and thus making her asshole sizzle and clench with incre
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