"So, how exactly did you blackmail your parents?" I asked, still blinking in stupor but growing intrigued.

"Oh, I just threatened to become the sluttiest teenage porn star ever and then to link all my videos and pics to my parents' clients, associates, so-called friends and bullshit acquaintances. And, of course, the entirety of our stuck up, dead-inside family, too," Vanessa bluntly declared, as serious as I had ever seen her.

"And... It worked?!" I ventured.

"Hell yeah, it worked!" Vanessa grinned with undisguised pride. "I know my parents enough to know that their biggest weakness is that stupid combo of vanity and hypocrisy they've got going. I wasn't even bluffing, by the way, but just the threat of me doing porn was enough for them to finally let me go to a public high school in the real world, you know, just like actual people do."

Noting my disbelieving expression, Lizzie confirmed her friend's words, nodding slowly as she glanced at me and Vanessa in turn. "It's a true story,
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