TBC Chapter 27

Daniel Blake Smith

I am now standing on the terrace of my rest house. Looking at the glowing stars in the sky and silently watches while looks up.

When I felt someone hold my shoulder...



"Bro! let's go baka maabutan tayo ng heavy traffic. Nakangiting tanong ni Andrew sa akin

"Yeah, I'll be next bro. I said casually

"Hmm Is there anything bothering you bro? he asked with curiosity

"Nothing bro, you know what is my problem right! that's bothering me! I said with a slight smile.



He took a deep breath before he spoke again...

"You know bro no matter what happens or what happens next, do not forget that we are just here for you, ok? he said smiling and he patted my shoulder lightly before it finally left in front of me

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