Chapter 2.140


It hadn’t even been a full day, but I already felt like going crazy. Were they really going to keep me tied to a bed for as long as they could?

Escape…for some reason, that word sounded perfect and difficult all at once. I would not be able to escape this hell hole, even if I wanted to, and would get myself killed before I could even step foot out the door.

I stared at the massive clock on the wall, realizing Luca could walk in any second. The only times I wouldn’t be cuffed to the bed would most likely be breakfast, lunch, dinner, and bathroom breaks.

Although freedom sounded very tempting, getting through Luca was not easy and seemed like an impossible mission. Should I just risk my life and make a run for it?

I heard the lock on the other side of the door and prepared myself to face Luca. Just as expected, he barged in with a bundle of clothes in his hands. “It’s time for dinner. You need to change.”

He walked straight to the bed and freed my hands without giving me a single
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