Chapter 2.142

Luca cleared his throat, grabbing everyone’s attention. “Dad, I thought we said no guns.” He let out nervous laughter.

“For them, not for me.” By the sound of Berto’s voice, I could tell that this would probably not end well.

“Christian, you’re right—this place is usually heavily protected, but since dad wished to have a…peaceful dinner—everyone left,” Luca told him. “For now.”

I tried reading the sketchy expression on his face. Christian, who had stopped asking questions, seemed relaxed after hearing Luca’s words.

Instead of cracking my brains and coming up with reasons why Berto was stupid enough to get rid of all the guards and maids, I accepted that he was the only armed person in the room.

“Chrissie, have you thought about my offer?” Berto turned his attention onto me. “I told him I’d trade your life for his.” He spoke as if it was the most normal thing in the world.

I didn’t know which part was scarier. Berto planning to get rid of me all along or Christian’s words.

“You can kee
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Linda Ammerman
hope it not long a good book
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Sharon Cate
please don't make us wait so long.a really great book. just tired of waiting so long.

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