Chapter 2.143

With an awful headache, I woke up and sat up straight. “What happened?”

“Just like they say in the movies.” I heard a chuckle, making me look to my right. Christian, who held a cloth in his hand, pushed his arm against my forehead. “You’ve fainted.”


I breathed heavily, remembering every little detail. I was at Berto’s, and he started shooting around like a madman, but somehow we got out.

“Where am I?” I looked around, realizing it was our safe and secure bedroom. “Oh, never mind.”

“Ramiro says you’ll be fine.” Christian brushed his hand through my hair and pushed me back down.

“The baby—“

He shook his head. “Our baby is fine.”

“And Siena—“

“She’s not here.” He cut me off once again. “She at my grandparents.”

My poor Siena, who I had abandoned, thinking Berto would really hold his end of the deal. All I wanted was my baby.

“I need to see her,” I begged, reaching for Christian’s hand. “Please!”


“Yes,” I spoke clearly, but Christian did not want to hear any of it and pu
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Cassie McMaster
Please tell me this is continuing.

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