Chapter 2.144


“Hey, sleeping beauty!” Beau kicked Christian’s leg, waking him up. “We have to go. Dario is expecting you.”

Startled, Christian opened his eyes, noticing he had fallen asleep in his chair while caring for Serena. “Where is she?” He asked, not wanting to lose her again.

“Matteo took her to Siena, and we’ve got to go.”

Stressed, Christian got up from his chair and brushed his hands through his hair. “She didn’t wake me. Why didn’t she wake me?” He paced back and forth, eventually reaching for his phone.

He let out a frustrated sigh at the long list of missed calls. “Please tell me your dad didn’t see me like this?”

“Oh, he didn’t.” Beau simply shrugged. “Serena told him you were taking a nap, and he went off. Something about you not being allowed to rest.” He said. “But don’t worry, I stuck up for you as always—“ Beau’s sentence was cut short by a pillow getting thrown at his face.

“Ow.” He frowned. “What was that for?”

“Just call Dario and tell him we’ll be on our way!”

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