Chapter 16

“Okay, thank you for the effort, and have a nice day!” I repeated the same words and hung up the phone.

After leaving the club I had enough for a few more months to pay my bills, but knew I had to find a new job and extremely soon. The remaining money I had were savings which would go towards the baby and daycare until I had found another job after the baby was born.

Finding a proper job as a college dropout was definitely as hard as expected and wasn’t exactly going anywhere. Each time I had to hear the same sentence, I had to hear that I was not educated enough.

There were times when giving the baby up for adoption did sound tempting, but I knew that I wouldn’t be able to handle the pain, but

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goodnovel comment avatar
Stop writing characters acting like they’re better than people and more hard working because they don’t take money. Snore. And dang you don’t need a degree for every job. Unrealistic
goodnovel comment avatar
Are saying that women who do accept financial support from the partner who choose not to raise the kid don’t deserve to say they took care of the kid on their own? Is that what you’re saying?
goodnovel comment avatar
Angie Clark Schwind
omg does Garcia know.. Christian save her and your unborn child.

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