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The drive from the airport was a long one even though it took less than an hour but still, for Omar bin Khalid, it was a long drive. He buckled in the back seat of his car to keep himself from jumping every second because of his racing heart, he couldn't keep himself stable and if he had the powers to, he would super speed to where he needed to be.

"Hurry up please." He beckoned to the driver who nodded and stepped on the accelerator. 

They weren't on a free way and couldn't go more than 80 kilometers per hour according to the speed sign but Omar knew that if he was the one behind that wheel, he would break that speed limit and damn the consequences, but this wasn't Saudi Arabia and being the Sheikh's son didn't hold as much importance here as it did in Saudi, this was America, he would face the consequences and face the law. He nervously tapped his feet on the floor of the car and kept looking out the window, bringing his fingers to his mouth. He had last seen Megan a mo
Harriet Ifeanyi

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