Chapter Twenty Six

Chapter Twenty Six 

Nina's POV

I was a prisoner in my own house.When Prince Stefan told me that the next day I would be under lock and key, I thought he was bluffing until he acted his threat.

There were three armed strong men in my house who made sure I didn't get out of my room. Lucy and I had no access to our phones until Mr arrogance stated otherwise.He had this silly idea that I would run away or say something stupid to the press.I just did one silly mistake and one of them ran inside my room in a lightning speed and stood right there infront of my bed.What harm was it in screaming?I hated the torture Stefan was putting me under.

"Are you gonna just stand there in a girl's room?" I thought I would play with his conscience but nope, he didn't even move.I sat on my bed, tapping my feet irritatingly on the floor but it didn't get to him.I stood up and he stood in my way.

"Do you want to see my underpants?"I yelled threatening to drop my pyjamas t

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