Chapter 32

I smile at my reflection. Yes, you are a lucky bitch. I finish the last touches of my makeup and check my outfit to make sure it’s all in the right place. I’m wearing a white sleeveless fitted scoop neck top with a mini black leather corset, tight black jeans, a black leather jacket and black heels. “Oh!” I pick up my new platinum gold necklace with a key and heart charms on it. Luke said he commissioned the necklace from his brothers a week ago and here it is all the way from Dubai.

“Yeah, you are one lucky bitch.” I murmur to myself as I knock on the door to my study again. This time I don’t hesitate. I walk right on in. Luke looks me up and down and whistles.

“Wow, you look hot. Maybe I should put this aside for later.” He smiles playfully, “I can’t let you go out looking like that!”

“What are you going to do? Tie me up?” I tease.

“Maybe I will” He stalks towards me, his eyes glowing darkly. The look makes me shiver in an oh so good way. He wraps me in his arms and kisses me zealou
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