I watch the woman my brothers tell me I loved. The One. That’s what my journal tells me. Lillian Blackwood is my one.

The problem is I can’t remember her. Not a single thing.

All the descriptions I wrote about her don’t do her justice. Even while I watch her breakdown. While I watch my brother comforts her, over a dog named Benny. She’s still incredibly beautiful.

“Are you willing to let that go?” Dylan asks as he watches the commotion in front of us.

“I can’t let go of something I didn’t know I had.” I shrug and walk outside. The house is beautiful. I’m told it’s her mother’s or was.

“You need to think about this.” Dylan pulls the ring from his pocket. “You commissioned this piece, Lucas. That’s how serious you are,” he shakes his head, “Were about Lily. She’s a wonderful woman, and she is going through a lot right now. Decide.” He storms off back inside.

I take in the view of this beautiful piece of land. It’s just as I described in my journal.


Stay or leave?
Elizabeth Green

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