Chapter 29

Britondii Luca pov

It had been a few weeks. Two lengthy,depressing fortnights aiming to forget about Sebastian but I just could not.Was it my choice to remember him? Maybe so.

Christian who I met on my second day here ,I had gotten so close to and he made living seem not so stressful. I had confided him everything about Sebastian and he did not judge me. He also,using his family's connections helped me to find an apartment;a fairly affordable one on the exact day we collided.


Then shortly after I got settled, I secured a job at his brothers small but fancy restaurant The Choice.

There was a job opening, I applied and was successful.

Another week elapsed and I used his phone to call John and Lucas who were extremely elated to hear from me and couldn't wait to set up a visit. It was decided then they would come later today when I didn't have to work. I even introduced Christian to them over the phone and he was just as excited to meet them.

I finished cleaning my hum
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