Voluntarily agreed

On the other world , the letter had already arrived in the royal palace . While king Damien was checking some documents with the other members of the council , the butler knocked on the door .

" Enter ! " said king Damien .

The door opened and the butler entered holding a golden tray with a letter in it . He went near king Damien then bowed down on his knee then placed the tray towards the king .

" What is this ?! " asked king Damien .

" Your Majesty ! This is the letter that arrived from Anadol . The agreement that lord Ankol sent to the royal family under your name . " said the butler .

" The agreement ?!........Right ! The marriage agreement !..........I didn't think they would bring it so soon . It hasn't been a few hours yet after it arrived at the royal palace of Anadol . " said king Damien .

" From the people in the castle of Anadol , we got the information that two of the king's daughters refused directly . He has three daughters an

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Bella Jersey
I’m sure Damien will recognize her right away by her smell. Will he show her the hairpin right away? I hope Charlotte get all the sweets she wants. I hope Catherine gets all the treats she wants for two days. They earned them

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