I know your identity , madam Catherine !

" Mom.......Why do you always rush to such conclusions ? If I really liked girls , why would I keep the photos of those handsome guys that I showed you on my phone ?! " said Charlotte with a troubled expresison .

She didn't like how her mother often got worried for nothing .

The door knocked and the two of them turned their heads . The butler was standing with a golden tray in his hands .

" Your highness , sorry for the disturbance . Lunch is ready . " said the butler with a smile .

" Who are you ? " asked Charlotte .

" Pardon for the late intrusion your highness . I didn't properly introduce before . I am the butler here . My name is George . " said George .

' He.....has a familiar aura with that of his majesty . This dragon is definitely not a normal one . ' thought Charlotte with a doubtful expresison .

" Isn't it a bit strange that the butler of this palace brings the princess's lunch himself ?! " said Catherine .

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Bella Jersey
I’m gonna hope that’s just a very protective butler
goodnovel comment avatar
Hayat Danny
This butler is suspicious ! He discovered her identity but isn’t he looking at her in a weird way 🤔

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