She's playing with my patience !

" Congratulations to the both of you , mother , George ! " said king Damien .

" Thank you , your majesty ! " said Catherine with a warm smile .

" Shouldn't you call me father ? " said chancellor George with a smirk .

" You already are my big bro and chancellor . Now you wanna be my father ?! Dream on and take care well of my mother in law . " said king Damien with a smirk and the both of them laughed then he looked at Charlotte again .

King Damien grabbed Charlotte by her waist and raised her up to his shoulders .

" Hey ! What are you doing ?! Put me down ! " said Charlotte annoyed .

" A bad wife who doesn't listen needs to be taught a lesson .  " said king Damien .

" What ?! Bad wife ?! You liar of a chameleon better let me down . Let go of me ! " said Charlotte .

" Stay still princess . " said king Damien and the two of them walked ahead .

" Will she be alright ? " said Catherine with a worried expression .

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Anastasia Romanov
George X Damien = cannot hold it in anymore 😳
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Isabelle Willson
Hahahahaha George is so naughty
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Bella Jersey
Like I said before corset can look and feel beautiful. But if you are not used to them they a god damn torture device

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