Chapter 3 Parents

The words makes my wolf howl once again in my head, letting a thudding sensation build up. Felix’s hand slides off of my chin and wraps itself in my own hand, giving it a light squeeze. Our hands fit together like perfect puzzle pieces. He guides me out of the woods, moving slowly and continuously making sure I wasn’t hurt anywhere.

The shooting pain from my leg had now turned into a light thudding and I was able to walk on it without letting the pain become obvious. We leave the woods and my heart immediately starts thundering once again.

The woods was my safe haven. Once could ignore reality and people in there. But outside – even in the dark – what was people going to think?

What was I supposed to be thinking?

Although my wolf was going nuts in my head with Felix holding my hand, I could not deny that my mind still flickered to the boy with the grey eyes. Was he okay?

What if he had been my mate?

A squeeze comes from my hand, making me come back to reality. A better reality. I couldn’t be with my kidnapper. Thought every time I even thought of him, why did my heart skip a beat?

I glanced over at Felix, seeing him staring at me.

Maybe it was only because I was in the presence of my mate? I could feel my face breaking into a grin and I ignored whatever my head was going on about. My wolf was happy. I should be happy.

As we trudged to my house, I saw all the lights on and tried not to cringe. Dammit…


“O no” the words were barely audible but I still heard them. Only a second later, the door unlocked and her parents came running out. Her mom had tear streaks on her face which made me worried. When she saw the girl, she immediately rushed towards us.

“Lily!? My baby” she clutched the girl’s face, inspecting her, “Where’s you go?”

“And why do you have wolf eyes?” her dad asked, looking at his daughter filled with worry.

“Why does both of you two have wolf eyes?” Mom asked, glancing at me.

I frowned, not having expected my wolf taking control that much. I blinked, trying to get them away. I glanced down at Lily, she looking at her parents with worried gazes.

“Lily?” her mom spoke up, frowning at her.

“I – I’m fine Mom” She said, fidgeting in Felix’s arms. He let her down slowly, she stumbling a bit but seemed alright.

“Where’d you go?”

“I’m fine Mom, don’t worry” she gave them a light smile before turning towards me, “Thank you” she said, her eyes glinting like a wolf once again. Her wolf eyes were like crystals – the darker hue of aquamarine but so beautiful it made me want to stare into them all day.

I gave her a light smile, my wolf howling in my head.

“We’ll talk tomorrow, okay?” I nodded, glancing at her.

She nodded, her cheeks flaming once again. Her parents glanced at me once more, giving me sceptic looks and then her dad’s eyes finally widened.

“Hun” she placed his other hand on his wife’s shoulder. His mate looked up at him and they shared a silent conversation. A second later, she glanced at me – a wide grin appearing on her face.

“Mates?” her mom asked, smiling at me.

I nodded, the smile widening. Her mom let go of her shoulder, lightly pushing her daughter towards me. She stumbled into my arms and my whole body tingled from her touch.

“Well isn’t that something” her dad’s grin was almost as big as his wife’s.

“Yeah, yeah it is” I responded, letting my head fall into her shoulder, drinking in her amazing scent.


I have not been able to sleep since Mom and I had trudged the steps up to my bedroom. They said they’ll talk to me in the morning and after I had hugged my new mate once again – my wolf howling in my already throbbing head – I had headed up to my room. And now – now I’m currently lying on my bed, facing my ceiling and going over everything in my head.

My wolf was happy. It was exacting actually. It hadn’t stopped whimpering since Felix had left and I could sense it missed him.

I missed him too. Thought, it felt like I was in a daze. It was obvious he was my mate, the tingling warm feeling that filled my body every time I thought of him made it obvious. But I couldn’t deny that every time my mind flashed to Chase, I felt guilt.

I knew I shouldn’t feel anything for my kidnapper. I had a mate now. Heck, my mate was the alpha of my pack. Who wouldn’t be happy about that? Maybe I just felt guilty for involving Chase in my life and making him fight my mate.

What even made him cross the border? For someone who was so set on people staying in their own territory – he had sure went deep into a place he shouldn’t have been in. I blinked, trying to collect my thoughts for the millionth time.

My phone suddenly chimed next to me. I scrambled towards it – not used to getting any sounds from the thing. The thing was usually just used during the school term when I needed to contact people for assignments, study groups, etc. During the summer it collected dust on my bedside table.


I had to blink three times before the words actually made sense to me. Mate. Heat immediately flooded my cheeks and I could feel a smile growing on my face. Biting my lip I greeted him back before getting out of my bed.

I went to go get dressed and then spent more time than I ever have making sure I wasn’t too ugly. I have never been self-conscious about my appearance but now having a mate, it made me nervous about if my eyes were too big for my face, if I was too thin, all those useless things.

Before my mind exploded with my insecure thoughts my bedroom door opened and my mom’s head peaked in.

“Morning honey” she said and opened the door wider, “How’d you sleep?”

“Good” Lying was never one of the things I liked to do but getting my mom to worry even more was not an option, “Can I help with breakfast?”

Mom nodded, “Just oatmeal this morning thought”

I nodded, putting some of my hair in a loose bun, “I’ll make some coffee”

Mom nodded, “I’ll see you downstairs, you look nice today sweetie” I followed my mom out. Dad was already in the kitchen, looking a lot less happy than he usually did in the mornings. Yet, I still went over and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

“Morning flower” he smiled.

“Want some coffee?” I asked, heading to the machine.

“Lily, can we talk?” he suddenly said, folding his arms. My dad never folded his arms. It was a foreign sight which made me worry.

“What’s up Daddy” I asked, handing him the mug. Mom came to stand next to him, looking just as worried as her mate did.

“We want to talk to you about last night – where did you go?”

I bit my lip, not knowing how to respond. How do you respond to that? To the woods because my wolf decided to go find its mate? Added I fell down a tree and would have died if I hadn’t fallen on Felix. Who just happens to be my mate…

“I just went for a walk. My wolf wanted to run around for a bit”

“And you couldn’t wake one of us to go with you?” Dad asked, his eyebrows knitted together.

“I didn’t want to bother you guys”

“Lily – you got kidnapped. You understand why we are worried about you, aren’t you? So when your mom came into your room last night and you weren’t there-”

“I didn’t want you guys to be scared” I said, chewing on the inside of my cheek.

“We were sweetie” Mom said, walking over to me, “A parent is always scared for their kid. We can’t lose you”

I bit my lip, guilt seeping into my skin. Damn, I was turning into a guilt-monster.

“I’m sorry I scared you” I said, looking down at my mug of coffee.

I heard them move towards me and got wrapped in a hug.

“We just want you to stay save so no more sneaking out of the window, okay?”

I nodded, hugging them back. Before anyone could say anything else, there was a knock on the door. A sudden pulling feeling came from my heart and my wolf went crazy once again in my head.

“That would be Felix” Mom smiled as she glanced at me.

“What – how did you…”

“Your eyes sweetie” Mom chuckled as she left the room. I glanced over at my dad, giving him a confused look.

“You guys are mates thus, your wolves keep wanting to take control. Don’t worry – it’ll pass” Dad smiled, taking his mug and pouring in some coffee. Before I can respond, Felix entered – an idiotic wide grin on his face.

“Morning” he smiled, his cheeks reddening. His eyes were also a shade darker, clearly he hasn’t quite gotten the control of his wolf either.

“Morning” I greeted him back, watching as he walked forward and came to give me a hug, engulfing me in wondrous warmth.

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