Chapter 4 Damned

The vision was foggy, yet I could immediately identify who it was. I’d be able to identify her even if I was dead. Which I probably was because there’s no way she was with me right now. I could only see her face, it like an angel.

She was lightly smiling, the image making it easier to bear that I had lost her. As if that had been a trigger, it started to fade. I grasped out, sucking in a breath. It was replaced by a dulling pain that only increased. I could feel my body aching as I regained consciousness. Slowly opening my eyes, I saw I was in a darkened room, the place dusty and damp. The only light in the whole room was filtered from underneath the door, it letting me see how small and cramped the place was.

I started to register my own circumstances. I was sitting on the floor, my hands shackled to a set of bars that lined the wall behind me. This meant I could stand up however if my legs didn’t stop shaking, I didn’t think that would be a possibility. I tried pulling the shackles thought the stinging pain that erupted on my wrists made my head dizzy.


These bastards had used iron shackles. I let out a groan, trying to get my brain to think straight once again. I had to get out of here. Looking around the room once more, I found that nothing was going to help me around here.

And the only things on me were these damn shackles and a pair of shorts. Well at least they had bothered to clothe me. My throat was dry and I could feel the throbbing pain of a wound on my neck. When werewolves got bitten with ones with status it took longer to heal. Seeing that these assholes had decided to send out both betas and their omega, it was going to take some time for me to recover.

Okay Chase… breathe and think. Breathe and think

The only thing that came to mind was those aqua eyes. I pulled once more on the shackles, bracing the pain of my skin sizzling.

I gritted my teeth, water leaking out of my eyes. Okay no… this was way too painful. I groaned, letting my arms slacken once again. My ears suddenly picked up voices and the sound of a set of keys entering a lock.

My head turned to the door just as it open. The light flooded into the room, blinding me before someone came through the doorway. The man walked towards me, a grimace on his face. I watched as he came to stand in front of me, inspecting me as if I was some lab experiment. He was young, his hair curly and flopping into his grey eyes.

“So, you’re the Hellwooder” he said, spitting out the words, “Sorry about the place, we had to improvise” he said, his eyes quickly scanning the room. So it was also unknown to him, “Unlike you guys – we actually capture people and not just kill them on instinct”

I growled, feeling my faith in my pack coming forth.

“How long were you even planning to still keep Lily? You guys probably couldn’t decide how to kill her huh?”

At that I sprang up, ignoring the shakiness in my legs and the hissing pain that erupted on my wrists. The guy gulped, not having expected my reaction.

“You know nothing” my voice come out menacingly.

The boy blinked and I drank in his features. He was young, probably just year younger than me and looked way too innocent to be hanging out with a prisoner. Especially one from a pack that was known to be more evil than the devil.

Damn… people sure liked to exaggerate…

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