Chapter Twelve

I sighed, smiling at the warm hues of sunlight shining down on me. Usually, I hated any bit of light pulling me out of sleep, but I was happy, because these lights had pulled me away from the dream, more like a nightmare, “None of it was real,” I sighed happily and stretched my arms above head and legs underneath the duvet.

I felt my hair dangling off the side of my bed, but I was in pure bliss to care.

A bright smile stretched my lips as I cuddled the soft covers of my duvet, “I’m safe. No fire…” I mumbled, once again sighing happily, “Just a drunk dream.” I giggled happily, hugging onto my duvet.  

The fire in the woods; the flames that caressed my skin wasn't real. I didn't have to worry about anything. I probably got drunk after the gala and dreamt the whole thing. My hazy mind replayed short scenes like an old TV, but it was all a mere play of the imagination.

I sighed happily again

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Dianne Lenz
I love this one, keep up the good work
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I lover her character! lmao, mate hired to kidnap-

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