Chapter Twenty-One

I watched their surprised faces, patiently waiting for one of them to speak, “Stopping him is only half the job.” But it was a deep rumbling, appealing voice that my ears heard. I gulped down the yoghurt in my mouth, trying not to shiver pleasurably under the deep voice as I fought the urge to look behind me. I wanted to lock my eyes with that unique colour, but they would pull me into its depths, were the green glints hid. 

I cleared my throat taking another spoonful, “What more?” I asked.

“Don’t talk with your mouth full.” Alec scolded me, a deep scowl in place. I rolled my eyes at him, if only he knew the desires that Tristan’s voice alone brought me.. Not that I would tell him! I heard Tristan’s feet shifting, stepping closer and closer towards me from behind, and with each step my heart seemed to have raced twice the speed, rushing the blood through my veins.

I almost snapped my eyes closed as

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