Chapter 57: Seed

When Eva and Jarius came in the middle of the forest where grassy planes were present with minimal trees, Eva saw a silhouette of a human riding a horse, a couple of distances ahead from them. The sun's reflection made them hard to identify the person so, Eva waived her right arm in hopes of catching that person's attention as it moved towards them. 

"Hello! We are here!" Eva shouted, and Jarius can see the smile she has on her face. 

When Jarius looked towards the person in front of them, his eyes became smaller. For about a few seconds later, Jarius's expression went different. He was slightly startled when he saw the reaction of that person's face. He leaned backward and held Eva's arms instantly for her to stop making an enthusiastic approach. 

Eva blinked her eyes twice at Jarius. When Eva saw him looking in front, she followed where his eyes locked. As soon as Eva noticed that the person she was wavi

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