20. A Phoenix!!

" A PHOENIX! " I gasped as I looked at her majestic wings that were surrounded by fire.
There were two rogues near her burnt to crisp and when the one I was fight tried to run away, she sent a ball of fire and he burnt whole.
The smell of burnt meat filled the air as the fire around her died down and she fell unconscious on the ground.

Her clothes had been burnt too leaving her exposed naked. I got over my shock then shifted back into my human form and ran over to her.

" Kaira!" I held her in my hands. Some of the pack warriors had come to see what had happened and one of them threw some sweat pants my way. I wore them and took the blanket we had come with covering her up.
I carried her in my arms and rushed to the pack hospital. While I mindlinked dad.
I had no idea what to tell her parents since my mind was in a frenzy.

My mate wa
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