Chapter 3. A Dream About Her

Alfredo ran into the room. He was very surprised when he saw Leonardo sitting in his chair.

 "Good morning sir, sorry I'm late,"he said, then bowed his body.

 "Good, if you know your mistakes." Leonardo replied, standing up.

 "Sit down. I have something to ask." Leonardo looked at Alfredo. Alfredo stepped toward his chair and sat down. 

"Where is your sister Zivanna? Zivanna Mariah Electra?"

Alfredo's heart pounded at Leonardo's question. He was surprised but tried to act normal. He remembered well, it had been almost a year that Leonardo had stopped asking about Zivanna after Alfredo told him that Zivanna had no more news. Since then, he never asked again.

 "Are you listening to me, Alfredo?" Alfredo was surprised and raised his face to look at Leonardo. "Yes, I listen to you sir," answered Alfredo.

 "Stop calling me sir. I don't like it. If you listen to me, then give me an answer as soon as possible." "I really don't know where she is anymore," answered Alfredo. 

"Maybe she's married and you didn't tell me?" Leonardo asked again. This time Alfredo was sure Leonardo must have suspected him of keeping Zivanna a secret.

 "I have told you the truth." Alfredo said while taking out his cellphone from his coat pocket. 

"OK. Give me her phone number. I'll try to find out where she is." Instantly Alfredo looked at Leonardo's face. He did not think that Leonardo wanted so much information about his brother. He had no choice but to give Zivanna's cell phone number. "Thank you. I'll still ask you a few questions later. Oh yes, thank you too for the breakfast delivery. Arrived on time and tasted good. Please go to work." Leonardo said after writing down Zivanna's cell phone number, then walking out of Alfredo's room.

Forgive me.' Alfredo said in his heart. He was forced to give Leonardo Zivanna's old, unused phone number.

 "I have to be more careful now." Alfredo said to himself. Immediately, he picked up the cell phone and texted Zivanna.

 [I'll be back in the afternoon. Don't let anyone visit you other than the doctors and nurses.] Alfredo pondered for a moment. He was a little worried. He knows very well how the character of Leonardo will do anything to get what he wants.

"Almost every week he throws parties and sleeps with every woman he wants, now he's coming to find out about Zivanna. I won't let him meet Zivanna or touch Zivanna." Alfredo said softly. He regained his composure and started working. Dretttt !! The sound of the door opening. Alfredo, who had just opened the file on his desk, was surprised and spontaneously looked at the door. "Mr. Alfredo, did you see a brown folder on Mr. Leonardo's desk?" Isabel, who entered Alfredo's room without permission, immediately asked. His face looked panicked. "I don't know. I haven't walked into the CEO's office this morning," answered Alfredo. 

"Oh my God. What should I do? That folder is very important. Master Leonardo would be angry if he found out that the folder was lost. Mr. Alfredo, please help me find it," pleaded Isabell. Alfredo feels pity for Isabell.

Give me two minutes. I will help you, "Alfredo replied. "Thank you, Mr. Alfredo," said Isabell, then walked out of Alfredo's room. 

"Brakk!" Isabel lowered her head and closed her eyes as Leonardo hit the table hard. His body trembled. She didn't dare look at Leonardo. "Immediately find the folder. Or I will punish you!" Leonardo's voice seemed to crack his head. Isabell nodded his head. "Yes sir." He replied in a trembling voice. "If you can't find the folder, then you have to be able to persuade me not to get angry with you." Isabell could barely breathe when she felt the warm breath on his face. "Open your eyes." Leonardo said again. Slowly Isabell opened her eyes. Leonardo's face was right in front of her. The noses of the two almost touched.

" I'm sure you can guess what I'm thinking by now, so, good luck finding that folder." Leonardo whispered with a sarcastic smile and then returned to his seat.

 "Please come out," he said softly without looking at Isabell. "Yes sir." Isabell replied, then hurried out of the room. 'Although thin, she is beautiful.' Leonardo thought. He glanced briefly at the door as Isabell walked out.


Leonardo threw himself down on the soft bed. He will rest for a while before seeing the preparations for the party for tonight. Slowly, his eyes closed. He was exhausted from a lot of work at the office today. A few moments later, his body was shaking and sweating. His eyes remained closed.

 "Zivanna, Zivanna, don't go. Please come back. I love you. Zivanna !!"

 Leonardo screamed and then woke up. His breath was breathless. His heart was beating fast. He rubbed his face, took a deep breath and then exhaled roughly. He had just seen Zivanna in a dream.

 "Why did you suddenly appear in my dream Zivanna? Where are you now? What happened to you?"

 Leonardo said alone. He stared out the window of his room. It's raining outside. He took out his cell phone and then tried to contact Zivanna. Several times he tried, but the answer was still the same. "The number you are calling is not active."

He slammed his cellphone on his bed.

 "I'm sure Alfredo is hiding something from me. Ah, why lately have the image of Zivanna always bothering me? It's been a long time since he left. I've never seen her smile again. I miss." 

Leonardo squeezed his forehead lightly. He lowered his head. Somehow, his heart ached so much. 'I have to try to get some information about Zivanna. I can't believe Alfredo doesn't know anything about him, ' he thought, then walked out of his room. He opened the refrigerator, took a bottle of mineral water, took a sip and then walked up the stairs to the second floor. 

"Welcome, sir," greeted a man welcoming him at the door. Leonardo didn't answer. He looked inside briefly. Some men are preparing the room for a party tonight. Leonardo's enthusiasm disappeared instantly. He then went back down to his room.

A few moments later, he came out. His face looks fresher. He was wearing a casual dress in all white. "Xander, get my car ready." He sent a message to Xander, the driver. He sat in the living room and played on his phone. [The car is ready, sir.] Leonardo immediately walked out after hearing Xander's voice. You can see a man in a black coat opening the car door and bowing his head to Leonardo. "I'll drive myself," said Leonardo. "Yes sir," replied Xander. Leonardo put on his sunglasses and got into his car. He drove his car away from his house. He plans to go to Alfredo's house. His feelings are not calm. His dreams and longing for Zivanna bothered him deeply. He was a little worried. "

Ah, I need someone to cheer me up. My mind is very messed up. " Leonardo said, then pulled over his car. He called someone and then drove his car back. The car stopped right in front of a house that is not big but looks luxurious. You can see a young woman with a beautiful face opening the door of the house and walking towards Leonardo's car. "Want it here or at the hotel?" The woman asked after getting into the car. "Just here. I still have other events and I don't want to be late," replied Leonardo. "Okay." The woman replied and got out of the car and went back into the house, followed by Leonardo. The two of them headed straight to a room. The woman closed the door after the two of them were inside. Without waiting, the woman immediately took off all her clothes and pulled Leonardo onto the bed.

Serve me. I want you so badly, "Leonardo whispered. 

"Really? I miss you." The woman said then kissing Leonardo's lips. Her hands were busy removing Leonardo's clothes. She took Leonardo's hand and put it on her breast. Leonardo closed his eyes, enjoying the sensation of the hot kiss. Suddenly he pushed the woman's body and then stood up and put his clothes back on.

 "What happened? We were just getting started and you..." The woman stopped talking when Leonardo threw a bunch of money on the bed. Without another word, Leonardo left the woman. He drove his car toward Alfredo's house. He's never been like this before. Leonardo tried to focus and increase the speed of his car. It didn't take long for him to finally arrive at Alfredo's house. As he was about to open the car door, he saw the figure of a woman coming out of the gate. A few moments later, Alfredo appeared. That woman was talking to Alfredo. Leonardo was surprised to see the woman's face clearly. That woman, the woman he knew very well. Without waiting long, he immediately got out of his car and ran towards them.

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