CHAPTER 20 Paternity Test

“Steve, please relax and sit down for a while, everything will be fine,” Ethan said to Steve, who was pacing back and forth in front of City Hospital’s pathology department.

Ethan was sitting comfortably, but Steve was parading in the hospital out of nervousness with sweaty palms clenching and releasing again and again.

That was unbelievable for Steve when Ethan told him that Sky is the only girl, Skylar Harrison, whom Steve was looking eagerly. He wanted to confirm it on his own.

Flashback to 2 days before, when Ethan received the call from Sky’s sister Evelyn Harrison.

“What nonsense are you talking about? My sissy will definitely talk to me, you can confirm to her, who is Evelyn Harrison to Skylar Harrison. I want to talk to my sister Skylar Harrison.” Evelyn roar on the other side of the phone.

Ethan rendered stunned by Evelyn Harrison’s revelation.

‘What the hell is

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