CHAPTER 127 Arrival Of New Trouble

“When will mom and dad back?”

Skylar’s eyes widen in surprise. She couldn’t believe her ears when she heard Kevin called Evelyn as a mom. She excitedly turned around and pulled little Kevin towards her.

“What did you say?”

Kevin was scared that he had said something wrong, he crouches his head with a sad face. His mom also doesn’t like him to call her mom in front of others.

Skylar realized, being excited, she spoke a little loudly, which scared the little boy. She controlled her overwhelmed heart and says softly. “It’s ok Kevin, don’t get scared. Tell me again what did you say?”

Kevin didn’t lift her head and said in a baritone, “When will mom and dad be back?”

Skylar knew Evelyn wanted to be Kevin’s mother, but he refused to address her as a mother. She will be the happiest when she will hear that Kevin accepted her as a mother.

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