Chapter 2

Festival of the millentians for sure is the most beautiful thing ever. Each bigger and better than the last. Bigger because of population growth of course and better because each group personalizes their festival according to what they hear has happened before blended with what people of their time want.

Young men and women looking so glamorous. People you didn't think could ever dress up looking like royalty. You would too sell your everything if need be to buy clothes, shoes and accessories to go meet the maker and your one.

It is rumored that the maker attends the festival and only a few get to know the form of the maker. So there is this thing where you are advised to not leave early . People stay at the festival until morning. Of course by midnight at least two thirds of the party is passed out around the place .

There is food and booze so of course there has to be people passed out. It is also rumored that the location of the festival is in a different realm once the last of the millentians arrives at the festival. That before midnight one can't leave the party because the festival is surrounded by powerful magic that blocks any exits. So they never know where they are.

Those left at home say they've never heard the noises from the festival so that makes people believe all the more about the being in another realm idea.

There has never been an open incident about some milletians leaving the festival before midnight because hey, food ,booze, dance and a partner. What more could they ask for? And there is also the thing where they say two lucky people get blessed that night at midnight . So one can't just walk out on their blessings in case it's them the lucky one.

I mean, there are like a million reasons to want to attend and be happy at this festival. So why is our Sao hiding behind a tree pissed? And most importantly, what are the odds that he would be angry at Winter?

"I said I'm sorry. You don't have to make a very big deal out of this you know. " Winter sasses him.

"Oh, shut up! People like you don't know how hard it is to save for stupid clothes you mustn't even have. I'm making a big deal out of this! " Sao snaps again pointing at his shirt stained orange .

Are you wondering what happened with these two? Let me take you back moments before this.

A Few Moments Earlier.

Sao places his eatery made food on the big long table of foods. He feels so small compared to other people's variety of dishes in really huge amounts . He thinks if only his parents were alive, the story would be different right now. But the parents are long dead so what's the point of crying over spilt milk ?

He is not hungry so doesn't bother to grab himself some homemade food other millentians brought. He looks around and even he who is not very happy being here can't deny the beauty surrounding him. But then he feels out of place because he didn't put in much effort. His clothes and shoes aren't that expensive.

In fact, he went for cheapest and decent clothes he could find. Was a miser on perfumed oils he used because he intended to sell them so take as little as possible and put the cork back in place. There is just no way he'd buy new clothes and shoes and then again buy perfumed oils. Anyways, he smells of them most of the time from spilling on him when he makes them then during packaging.

Maybe all he needed was to wear his new clothes and work on his perfumed oils then he is good to go.

This whole him getting a wife thing hasn't wrapped around his head. He's believed he is the one guy coming out of this place without the one. Not that he'll complain. Soon the festival starts and maybe he'll have to come up with a way to escape the ritual. Not that anyone will notice tonight because no one would think there is anyone trying to escape it in the first place.

"Sao my man. I was looking for you all over the place .I'm so excited! " Modei says slapping Sao's back.

"You found me! " Sao says dismissively walking towards the drinks stand.

The king provides royalty like gobblets for this particular event . That is how much this festival is liked by many even if they don't get to attend. At least you will have a relative attend it and hear about it from them. It's just as good as attending it for them.

Sao takes two goblets handing one to Modei.

"Thank you. " Modei appreciates him.

Sao just nods looking around for a place to sit and act like he's not there. Modei looks at him wondering what is up with his best friend.

"Have you seen all these beautiful girls here? Just imagine you are taking one home for yourself. Endless love, pure love! " Modei says dreamily.

Sao looks at him with slightly puzzled face wondering why he has to be so dramatic . He wants to tell him he has seen some of them earlier in the market buying perfumed oils from his stall and shoes from Modei's but decides not to.

"Yeah. " He replies with a forced smile.

Modei notices the lack of enthusiasm but brushes it off. Even on normal occasions Sao is the moppy guy in the corner so whatever.

"There is lots of food man, you want to grab something to eat? " Modei asks his mouth watering as he looks at the food table .

"I'm not hungry. You go have a bite. I'll be around when you are done ." Sao speaks distractedly as he just found a place to hide as everything goes on.

"Okay, your loss. " Modei says already walking towards food.

It's as if it is beckoning him over and he couldn't resist it even if he tried. He won't try just to be clear.

Sao goes to his hideout just as a horn is blown for the festival to finally begin. Modei groans because he just got to the food area. He was hoping to eat something at least before the food got cold and festivals begin.

"Come on, all I wanted was something little. I know I can't sing in a full stomach! " He laments.

"Sorry. " A voice says and a light hand taps his shoulder.

He turns around to look at his new company not sure where it came from because people are moving past him quickly to move to the center of the area. He meets eye with a girl he thinks is so pretty he wishes to be his.

She wears a yellow dress with patterns he can't make out. Her face is so slim with high checkbones and big striking eyes. She has this white ribbons around her ankles. She looks stunning. But she looks at him indifferently . He then notices she is pointing to his other side. He drags his eyes over her once more before turning to where she pointed earlier.

He thinks it's his lucky day because there is another even prettier girl. He swallows hard from the embarrassment of making a big deal out of food in front of two pretty girls. His intention was to rant to himself assuming everyone is passing by in a hurry not stopping by the food.

"I can keep some in this, " Shows him some bundle she's carrying ," It'll keep it warm until you have sang. "

He smiles broadly at her. When she smiles back he notices her dimpled face and sighs internally. They are staring at each other not noticing the other girl there with them looking uncomfortable.

Winter thinks these two are being gross so she walks away to the drinks stand carrying a plate of different delicacies. Everyone else is still trying to get to the center of the area to watch performances . So no one pays her any attention. She looks around for a place to hide. Even she wants to escape the ritual. She spots a huge tree far away from the festival. A very huge tree that light hasn't hit because now the sun is gone even if the dull blue sky still lights the place and unlike the rest of the festval area is not filled with touches and even the very huge bonfire fire in the center doesn't light the place .She thinks it's the perfect place to hide.

She rushes there before everyone settles down and she could be spotted going in the opposite direction of everyone. Of course when she gets there the dark doesn't help spot another person there. She trips over a leg and face plants on the ground.

Back to After Collision

"You do realize you tripped me and I fell on my face?" Winter snaps back at Sao.

Sao doesn't even try to hide his laughter. Must have sounded funny after the girl reminds him that she face planted. For a second he forgets about his clothes which he drenched himself on his own drink when Winter tripped on his leg.

Winter isn't too happy that Sao is laughing at him. She turns away from him sulking and arms crossed over her chest.

"So we are even. Leave. " Sao informs her.

'Clearly, this guy hasn't met me! ' Winter thinks.

She stays put like she didn't hear him. She thinks about her food that is now garnished with soil . She wants to be angry at herself but decides to be angry at the guy who made her lose it. No matter what happened! It's his fault.

"Ugh! I'm already in a bad mood so why don't you be a little good girl and leave! " Sao repeats himself not liking any bit of it.

"You don't own this tree. "Winter says casually unphased by the annoyance in Sao's voice.

"I like, " He turns Winter around roughly, " Girls who listen !" Sao hisses.

Winter just narrows her eyes at him.

"Good thing I'm not here to be liked! Are you gonna make me leave? "

"Woman, I'm the violent type, lemme warn you. "

"You don't scare me! "

Sao lets out a ragged breath. This girl thinks because she is pretty she could have her way with anything! He would never dare hit a woman but before any got him this angry they already were scared of him. Because his eyes change into a something in the middle of bloodshot and rusty freckles suspended in the usually white part.

Winter thinks those eyes are the scariest she has ever seen but her ego won't let her back down. She has never seen anyone with such eyes before . She had thought the guy was handsome before but now he is just scary.

She notices first movements along his throat. It's like he is trying very hard to swallow something that keeps coming back up. And his Adam's apple glows red from time to time. Yeah, she's ready to scream now.

"...Oh! Hey you good people. " A voice interrupts their showdown .

They both turn to look and see two people looking embarrassed for some reason. A man and a woman acting awkward while looking at them and at each other.

"The festivals began... " The girl starts but pauses nervous about something.

"We were just... Come on, you guys are here too ! I mean, we've had this thing ... " He motions awkwardly between them , " We needed a last time. " He scratches his head like even he can't believe how not smart that was .

Sao and Winter exchange glances just now getting what they were here for. Sao quickly attacks Winter's lips kissing life out of her. She is obviously shocked for a second before playing along. They kiss for a short while and Sao lifts Winter's yellow patterned dress first, then lifts her up, Her legs around his waist. He backs her against the tree and starts to kiss the top of her breasts which are exposed by the sweetheart neckline of her dress.

The other two people are shocked and of course grossed out .They leave muttering their disgust. As soon as they leave , Sao and Winter back away from each other like they have been blown away by the strongest wind possible.

Winter thinks she's never been so humiliated in her life. Sao wonders why he felt so good doing that. Winter turns him around and slaps him hard on the cheek. Only after the slap has landed on Sao, that Winter notices the smoke coming from his nostrils.

Not like a thick cloudy smoke but more like a thin steam like smoke. His eyes are back to being scary. Winter goes to open her mouth and scream her head off but Sao tackles her to the ground and prevent her from screaming.

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