Chapter 24

Screams, cheers ,whistles and more mad energy engulfs the festival grounds . It's time for the rituals. It's the moment of truth. Everyone is coming out of here with a wife or a husband . Your one. 

Only question is whom? Sure thing is that everyone was made for someone. Especially when you are twenty one in the night of the festival of the millenials. The creator hand picks your true one for you. 

So why not start the rituals and find out whom you are destined to be with. Exciting? If not for you, then for these folks in this festival it is very exciting . They will get to tell about the incredible love from their one. 

This is the most fun activity of the evening . Most anticipated . Most magical . Time to experience what has only been described in stories since one was a kid. Time to find love and let it take you wherever. 

The men drum, whistle and dance around for a while. Th
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