Chapter 34: Daddy?

Eliza came up to the back and opened the door of the car to release Eleanor from her seat. The atmosphere was filled with the laughter and chats from the little kids entering the school and leaving their parents behind.

Amidst all the laughter and joy, Eleanor was the only one with a gloomy cloud over her head. She was reluctant to leave her mom and face the dreaded place called school where people knew no sympathy.

Being just five years of age, the amount of stress that Eleanor had was too much and Eliza was committed to get rid of it once and for all.

“Baby, what happened? Let’s go… remember the promise?” Eliza bent her knees to reach her height to try and get the fear out of her.

“Ok mommy, I’ll try to stay positive.” Eleanor tried to keep her spirits high after Eliza unbuckled the seatbelts and let her onto the ground.

She passed on a short blink as an assurance that everything will be fine as she extended her hand to get ahold of Eleanor’s tiny hand.

With small steps, they f
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