Chap-65*Punishing Her*

“Hey,” Delilah had called Rod multiple times at night but he never picked up. She then came up with the idea of calling him first thing in the morning as he might be asleep at night time.

Her heart was in constant fear of hurting Rod, obviously, that was bound to happen but she couldn't feel anything for him ever since she got back to this town.

So, instead of keep cheating on him, she thought it truly was the right decision to let him know.

“Hey, I saw your missed calls, missing me?” Rod sounded still asleep. She was so nervous that she didn’t want to waste a single minute or to delay this matter even more, but she couldn't just ditch him without even having a decent conversation with him.

"ehhh!" Delilah laughed awkwardly in response and then cleared her throat, "It seems like you just woke up." she tried to warm him up first before she says anything.

"Yeah, and the first thing I did was to call you back." He sweetly

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Yuki Nara
poor Delilah. she's been suffered a lot. The twins need to talk to grandpa again to know the truth.

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