Chap-78*She Doesn't Know*

Mrs. Lee was admitted to the hospital, where she had gone into a coma. Her declining health was not due to any other reason but due to her age and natural causes and the stress her adopted daughter had bestowed upon her. Monica desperately wanted to go and look for her friend but if she left her mother alone and went to fight off the Clynts alone, she might end up dying, and then what will happen to her mother?

And nobody will be there for Delilah too, so she needed to gain some strength before she takes a step so huge.

“I am not eating all this, I wanna see my daughter.” Delilah didn’t even want to look at Dallin’s face. He had ruined her entire life and now he was keeping her captive for God knows what reasons. Dallin wasn’t having a picnic either, hear Delilah accuse him of such a nasty thing and the way she watched him with disgust had hurt him too. Every time when she glared at him in anger, he felt his heartbreaking.


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