007. 7+2=_

Avelot Residence.

It is late night. Ash parks his car outside Trevor's house. He waits patiently. He swipes on the screen of his phone and looks at the photo Gino sent. It is the victim list.

"Micah, Rem, Trv, Red..." he mumbles, "My loved ones...?"

Micah is Ash's only younger brother, he naturally is the person Ash loves the most.

Meredith was Ash's classmate from high school, they became close after spending years working together as the president and vice president of their class. Remington is one year younger than Ash, he was Ash's junior from high school, and Trevor was Remington's classmates and best buddy. When Trevor fell in love with Meredith, that was the time the four of them came to know each other and became closer, even though Ash and Remington were always fighting, well at least Trevor and Meredith made a nice couple.

"Red! Red!"

An unease scream interrupted Ash's cogitation. The house is then lightened up immediately. Ash qui

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