049. God Damn P.I._

Two weeks later.

It has been two weeks since Circe took Orcus in-charge all by herself, other than dealing with some of their clients and their cases respectively, Circe spent half of her sleep time to get the leftover tangle points of File Delta and File Milo sort out, especially for File Delta.

She has been seeing Delta back around them, but why is he not taking any action yet? Is he stalling up? On what purpose? Or is this just another loophole he neglects?

They've been told about the story happened between Delta and Squad Ninox, there are unsolved points that are extremely doubtful, the Game of Birds and Zero's death, the treason of Informant-R, the sudden suicide of Delta, his resurrection after his death was declared by the hospital, and the twisted killer he now turned into.

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