Chapter 4: Two sets of twins and unexpected suprises

I took long strides downstairs expecting to see my family there. Yet my friends stood there looking as beautiful as ever. Blake stared at me. Blake. What was he doing here? Can't say I'm complaining though he looked handsome, he had on a black Tuxedo with a red tie matching with mine, his hair was gelled back giving him that bad boy look. And of course, he's 10 million smiles that wouldn't leave his handsome, attractive, smexy face. I noticed that he was checking me out as well not trying to hide it as well. I didn't allow my gaze to leave him though he was mine. And a very hot one at that. 

That is an understatement. He looks hot. 

You dirty minded Person.

We are the same person dummy. 

I know right it's really a shame I got paired with you from God.

B*tch, I'm the one suffering here 'cause clearly you are really dense.

You said it yourself we are the same person. Still.

Shut up.

I focused on everyone once I was done with my mental talk with my subconsciousness.

I looked closely at my friends who all looked so pretty and cute and sexy.

Cynthia's dress was very similar to mine, her hair was put back in a very high ponytail it fitted her perfectly.

Queen dress was as beautiful as always the Ankara Material gave her the aura of an African goddess. As she had on an Ankara dress, after knowing each other for so many years she decided to tell me all about her Father's country Nigeria. She was half Nigerian half British which makes her mixed. 

She smiled brightly at me.


Someone cleared their throat, my head snapped to my mother who was smiling a very bright smile. 

"Upps. I forgot that Queens Father will be hosting this Gala." My mother had a mischievous smirk on her beautiful face. 

"Stop staring J haven't I taught you better than to gawk at people?" I groaned. We made our way outside as Blake snaked his arm around my waist. 

He leaned down close to my ears, I could literally feel all the butterflies flying in my stomach squealing around being ecstatic.

"You look drop-dead gorgeous." A blush crept off my face and it felt like my face was burning. 

"You don't look so bad yourself." He kissed my cheek and retreated from my face having a sparkling smile on his face.

Damn. I'm one very lucky woman. I love this du-

Did we just think that? Should I be alarmed? What?

I can't believe I just thought that although I must say it's true I really love this Guy. Probably for a very long time, I just never noticed 'cause I thought he was just a crush. Thinking back he used to be a player but what can I say our story is pretty cliché. I was the good girl having a straight A in everything but physics. We met at a party where he was really drunk. Back then we were just friends so I helped him out, of course, I already had a slight crush back then and the following day one thing led to another and we started dating. Till now I still think it's a dream, but I think it's just as real as Pizza. A smile crept on my face at the thought of my first love. Pizza


I blinked a few times just to see that we were outside a grand hall. It looked majestic. That was an understatement it looked like.

My Mothers work. More like it.

We went into the hall it looked really majestic.

We have been greeting multiple people when a woman came up to me and my mother. Blake went to get me a drink. They gave each other kisses on the cheek as they began to Talk.

"How are your Kids?"

"Oh, the twins they are fine." Suddenly a man appeared with 4 kids in his custody. The younger ones were definitely twins. But also the Elder ones around the age of six.

"Ahh meet my husband, these are our Kids. Aubrey, Michelle, Marcus, and Samuel." She was beaming. "And the girls are twin just like my two younger ones. Can you imagine having to set of twins?"

My mother's features were darkened, a sad smile took over her facial expression. My mood sank instantly, my thoughts drifting to her.

Yet my mother answered her voice was laced with fake enthusiasm. "No, I can't." 

She really tried but her voice wavered at the end. The husband seemed to catch on to my mother's facade and he offered her champagne instantly changing the subject.

I thanked the man mentally, without the champagne my mother would have broken down.

"Petra," The Husband looked round in search of somebody," where is your Husband."

"He traveled he will be back in a few days." After the mention of Dad, she smiled and talked. I felt a tap on my shoulder, I whipped my body to see Blake standing there with no drink. Huh?

"Where are the drinks?" I tilted my head looking. Nothing. He smiled sheepishly and extended his hand towards me.

"M'lady, would you like to dance with me?" He said it in a British accent which made me giggle.

In the same fake British accent, I answered him. "I would love to kind sir."

He smiled and dragged me to the dance floor.

Waltz. Sh*t, I can't do this.

As if he could read my mind he pulled me closer.

"Just go with the flow." It was funny how I can dance but can't dance to waltz. 

We flowed and then I heard it. It was faint but I heard it.

"I love you"

My jaw dropped slightly, as you might know, I love him but I didn't think he felt the same about me.

"What did you say?" He blushed and smiled. Again it's the most breathtaking thing anyone could get. 

"I love you" This time it was more steady and he looked me in the eye. 

"You don't have to say it back, but I know that I have loved you for a while now. The first time we met you were a very clumsy girl but now you are still clumsy but you have also become one beautiful woman who just sweeps everyone off their feet. Even though you swept me away after just a few dates. Your eyes trapping me with their beauty, your dazzling smile, your beautiful lips that just go perfectly with my lips. My point is that I LOVE YOU"

He waited in anticipation for my reaction. I played my head against his chest. 

"I love you too."

He took me up and twirled me around, I giggled furiously and he smiled at me.

"I love you." Can someone give me an awww?

"I love you more"

"I love you most"

"I love you more than anything"

"Prove it." He smirked thinking I would kiss him.

"I love you more than french fries." He gasped and bowed.

"That is a gigantic honor to me.... to be loved more than the royal fries."

I smiled and pecked his lips but he had other plans 'cause he deepened the kiss, a moan left my mouth as his hand trailed down to my butt. 

"Let's get out of here."

Surprising us both by the words that left my mouth. He nodded and went to get his car.

I went to my mom to inform her that I would be leaving. 

"Mom?" She stared at me, she opened her mouth and I got feel the scent of the red wine reeking into my nose. 

"Yes..... Ho-Honeyyyyy." She was definitely drunk, I kissed my mom's cheek and looked for her driver. I then informed him of my mother's state, he assures me that she will be arriving home safely.

Blake was waiting gracefully in front of his Lamborghini. 

"Shall we?" He was smirking it wasn't annoying in fact it was really hot.

-------------------Skip till we reach the house -----------------------------

WARNING SLIGHT MATURE CONTENT:) I'm gonna be done once you see this bold writing .... Sorry.........

Once we were inside his room he trailed kisses down my jaw, he wrapped his hands around my thighs, getting the message I wrapped my legs around his hips. His lips moved their way towards my neck and sucked. My back arched as a loud moan left my lips, he smirked against my neck and slowly removed my dress, while I slid off his shirt.

Before I knew it we were lying down on his bed him on top of me. Don't worry he has a condom, and I have been taking pills.

"Are you sure you want to do this, I mean I can keep myself at bay? We don-"

I cut him off with a kiss, once I pulled back I pleaded with him with my eyes to take me. Slowly a burning sensation was at my entrance when he slowly leaned into me, he slid Jr into me too. What started with pain continued with pleasure. 

Okay... I'm done... l..............................

He rested his forehead on top of mine. "I love you"

"I love you too." 

He played down to my side and wrapped his body in mine. Soon darkness enveloped me, the smell of my boyfriend engulfing me totally.

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