The unfinished mission.
The unfinished mission.
Author: Khenny books

Chapter 01

🌹Andrew pov🌹

"Boss" I said into the phone.

"Andy, how are you doing?" he asked over the phone and I replied "fine". 

"Congratulations for the successful mission, tell your colleagues I want to see all of you in my house" he said.

"And you Andrew, you have an official mission tonight, I will send you all you need to know, make sure you do a clean job like you always did" he added.

"Okay boss, trust me, and we will see you at home for sure" I replied and he hung up.

I went downstairs to meet my friend, just as I thought, the dudes came home with ladies last night, they are all playboys.

I'm not into women at all, because the only thing they are good at is destroying men's life, my mother gave me the impression which made me hate anything that has to do with women. 

My father is late, but my mother is still alive, living the kind of life she wants with her rich husband, she doesn't care about my wellbeing, she doesn't care about how I'm living, all she was after then was my father's money, my father went bankrupt before he died and she divorced him, all these are what kills my father so fast.

I love that man so much, I love him more than anything, but he's late now.

I'm an assassin and I don't feel any remorse about it, my boss has been there for me when I needed him most so why won't I do anything just to show my gratitude.

"Mr Andy what's up" one of my friends greeted me.

"Hello, Cute Andy, mind if we make your day?" the ladies chorused together and stood up, they started walking seductively towards me.

"If anyone of you moves closer to me than you are, trust me I'm gonna blow your skull off" I growled through gritted teeth and fisted wrist.

They moved back scarily, of course they all know we are assassins but they don't care, all they were after is our money and they dare not inform the cops about us.

They are not ready to mourn over their entire generation.

"Dudes, boss requested for our presence in his house, be fast with your thrashes and let's go on time, I need to visit a family tonight" I said and gave the ladies I was referring to as "thrashes" a deadly glare before walking away.

"We? thrashes?" I heard one of them said.

"He is too harsh, gosh! I hate him" another one said and I turned to them with bloodshot eyes.

"I heard everything that you said girls, are you so tired of living?" I scowled at them and they all look down in fear.

"Bro it's fine, they are sorry and they're leaving this moment" one of my friends pleaded on their behalf.

"We are sorry, guys we will be expecting our alerts" they said and hurriedly walk out of our living room.

"Go and dress up, we are leaving now" I said and walked away.

🌹Unknown pov🌹

"Yes, they are four in his family.  Him, his wife and their two children, I want all of them dead" I said into the phone. 

"It's our duty to take life in exchange of money, consider it done" he said and ended the call. 

Yes!, I must kill them all, he thought he's smart how dare he threatened me just because I use my money to get what I want, and that Andrew, it will be too late before he realises what he is about to do, I intentionally told his boss that I want him to go on that mission. 

I won't stop until I wreck them.

Bunch of fools.


🌹Lucy pov🌹

"Baby go and bring my phone for me inside" my dad said and I shook my head in disagreement.

"No dad, tells Lucas to go and bring it, I'm tired" I whined like a baby.

"What? have you forgotten I'm older than you? no dad, Lucy should go, don't even turn to me at all" he said.

"Okay fine, you guys shouldn't disturb yourself I will go get it myself" he said standing up from the couch he sat.

"No dad, I will go get it don't worry, you naughty boy" I said and hit my brother before running upstairs to my dad's room.

I don't like it when Lucas is there and I'm being sent on an errand, he's 22 years old while I'm 20 years old, but the fact that I'm the baby of this house, he should be helping me with my chores, but no, he won't.

He's such a lazy boy. 

He's done with his college education while I'm still in the second year, we love each other so much.

My brother and I are so naughty. We fight a lot, but nothing can be compared to the bond we shared. 

I took my dad's phone and ran out of his room, I was about to go back to the living room when I heard a strange voice, I stood still and listen attentively. 

That's neither my dad nor brother's voice.

Could it be our gatekeeper, but his voice isn't as husky as that.

"Who is the person?, let me go and check" I said to myself and made to go, I heard a gunshot, and I froze on my spot, I don't know if I should go or not. 

I heard gunshots again, and I heard it the third time, immediately I heard the third one I ran to one of the guest rooms and lock myself up in the toilet. 

I hid inside the toilet with my pyjama soaked with my pee, after some minutes I heard the sound of a car driving out of our compound, so I tiptoed back to the sitting room just to see my family in the pool of their blood.


"Ohh my God Lucas!!. Please brother, open your eyes and look at me, Lucas!!" I shouted.

"Mummy, open your eyes and look at your daughter, please, you can't just go like that, don't leave me alone, life without you will be nothing but hell" I cried kneeling beside my mum.

I moved closer to my dad.

 He is still breathing.

"Dad, it's a relief you are still breathing, let's go to the hospital" I said impatiently and he shook his head negatively.

"No daughter, don't worry about me, I'm not safe out there, please for your safety, go to my room now and go straight to the bedside drawer take my four credit cards, you know the pins, please leave, call my sister and tell her what happened, she knows about it all".

"She will show you something, please daughter I want you to retaliate, don't kill anyone but I want you to hand over the culprits to the cops, and most importantly do not fall in love, because if you do, your lover will be your weak point, please once again daughter does not fall in love" he said and with this, he blacked out.

"Nooo!!. Dad, please don't go, stay with me!!!" I cried out.

How did the assassin even gain entrance into our house? we have a gatekeeper, so how on earth did he gain entrance?. 

I stood up and walked out to gatekeeper's room, I met him tied to a chair there. 

"Lucy please lose this rope I'm dying" he cried out in pain. 

I moved closer to him in tears and lose the rope. 

"How is the boss? I heard gunshots, is he fine?" he asked curiously. 

"No, he killed my family!!" I said and cried more. 

"What!!?, he killed boss, Lucas and madam?" he asked. 

"That's heartlessness!!.he's so inhuman!!" he kept blabbering. 

"Let's call the cops" he suggested and brought out his phone. 

"Sit down here, let me check the compound round, okay? I will call the cops on my way" he said and left his small office. 

Leaving me alone to my thought. 

Is that how I will lose my family?. 

But what could have been our offence that doesn't warrant forgiveness? 

Who sent him?.

"Do not fall in love" my dad's word repeats itself in my memory.

My family is gone. I'm now alone in the cruel world.

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