Chapter 44

Lucy p.o.v

"Why don't you pick your calls?" Donald scolded.

"Stop acting tough, you know you're not, I came because I saw your missed call, what's up?" I asked.

"I went to meet that man, but he said, I will have to come tomorrow so that we can go to Williamson's house together"  he said.

"Does he like you?" I asked.

"It doesn't matter, I don't like him either" he replied.

"Be prepared for Williamson he might pull up a trick tomorrow" I said.

"Okay, but what happened? you don't look happy" he asked.

"Donald, I'm tired of Simon, you can't believe he fought with Andrew, claiming I'm his girlfriend, we tried all we could to let everything die down in peace, but this crazy being ends up breaking a bottle on Andrew's head" I said and he gasped.

"As I always told you that this Simon of a guy can't be trusted everything he has been doing for you is because he wants you to be his, he can even betray you if he realizes you do

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