Chapter 45


Andrew p.o.v

When Leonard came to inform me about Anita's arrival, I was excited, but I tried so hard not to show it, when we got to the living room, we met her talking and laughing with Dylan and Owen, so naughty, that's all she knows.

When she saw me, she stopped talking, she greeted me, but I didn't reply, even though I'm happy she's right in front of me, but at the same time I'm angry because of what her boyfriend does yesterday.

"Can we go and talk in your room?" she asked, I didn't reply because it's kinda rhetorical.

"I will take that as a "yes", meet me in your room"  she said and stood up. 

I traced her with my eyes till she got to my side, she walked past me and I turned back to look at her but, what the eff! her trousers is seriously stained.

Why is she this careless?. 

I walked briskly to her back and carried her bridal style before my friends could see it.

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