Long drive

HAYDEN (p. o. v) 

    That bastar Michael told me to bring chocolate and ice cream and flowers white rose bouqet... what the fuck...!!! I came out of his cabin.. I called my men whether he got any information about his daughter or not.. he said he didn't get anything.. from past one year I am trying to get her information... he has kept in secret... I don't know even her name too... he only mention his daughter as her nick name kiddo... that's it... 

  After taking flower bouqet.. I turned to go to my car but I bump to one little girl.. when I saw her she didn't applied any make up.. I can say she is beauty by nature... I was memorizing her beauty... but she scolded... this is first time someone raised their voice in front of me... I got angry... first I pissed off that I didn't get any information about Michale daughter.. now this kid... she said she will forgive me... who needs her forgiveness... I said I don't need it.. and without saying anything I went from there... my mood is not good.. I don't know what will I do for her.. if she acts like this... 

  I took everything and went to office.. I went to his cabin and gave what all I brought..

Michael: " thank you so much Harry... cancel all the meeting which I have today... I will go to home now... you manage here everything.. "

me: "sure sir... " I gave him fake smile.. he also returned me smile and went... 

Elina (p. o. v)

      me: " dad I am back to home.... WHERE ARE YOUUUUUU?? "

I shouted... there he came out of his room to downstairs... I run towards him and hugged... even though my dad is now famous business man.. he doesn't want to leave this small home which is full with his wife memories means my mom memories... so it's a small home with two bedroom, living area, kitchen and storeroom.. bathrooms are attached to rooms... 

  dad: " how are you sweetheart... I missed you my child... "

   me: " me too... missed you... see I brought your favorite lily flower.. I will keep it in vase..."

  dad : " even I brought your favorite white and purple rose, chocolate and ice cream..."

   me: " ahhhhhhh... my lovely daddy.... ummm... (I kissed his cheek) where is ice cream...? "

  dad:-" it's in freeze.. "

 I run towards fridge..  I took ice cream.. I sat on sofa and started eating.. and moaning...

me:-" hmm.... yummy daddy.... love you... "

 dad: " love you too my baby girl.. "

me: " dad you know... I saw handsome guy today.. while coming to home.. his blue eyes.. his first two buttons of his shirt was open.. he has strong body dad.. see yours this big tummy..."

  dad: " oh I got son in law..  tell me who is he.. what will he do.. when you..."

I interrupted him... 

me(with angry): " DADDY... I just said I saw handsome guy.. but you are going too far... I won't love anyone.. because I want to love the one whom you choose for me.... I know my dad his best.. he always choose perfect guy for me... "

 dad: "fine.. even if you choose or love anyone tell me.. I will support you...."

 me: " okay... but I believe in my dad more than myself... "

dad: " go to your room and have rest.. I will prepare dinner... "

I nodded my head and went to my room... after fresh up.. I called my best friend Eva.. I told her that I saw handsome guy.. she started to tease me... while speaking even Dina called me.. I turned into conference call.. now they both started to tease me... after speaking to them I hang up call and went downstairs to have my dinner.. 

 while having dinner... 

me: " dad... so many days over that I didn't spend time with you.. so now let's go long drive..."

dad also agreed.. we went long drive.. after three hours of journey.. we reached beach... I started to do sand castles... even dad helped me.. after that we took pics.. and went back home and slept... 


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