Hayden Pov:

  I did my breakfast in the restaurent where I have usually... then I started going to Micheal office... I am so confident that I can execute my plan B... I halted my car in signal..

  I heared a slap sound and I turned towards the direction.. It was from the opposite road..I saw two to three people rounded... And I could see a boy head standing in center..Some were beating him... The kid was shouting as one pulled his ear and started twirling it..

  Whatever mistake the kid would have done..Its not a right way too treat him or punish him like that... And he also..(tears in eyes)..


I fisted my hand.."Dont worry kid... I am coming and I will give those people a big punishment"


    I am trying to cross the road as vehicles were moving in high speed.. Each time I heared the kid shout I cursed the traffic or I cursed myself for not able to cross the small road...Finally there came a signal and cars halted and I started moving towards the kid..

When I was about to cross... I got a call from Jack , "We have sent Michael Kid details to your phone.."

I was in oscillation whether to look at the photo or save the kid.."Kid" or "Photo".. 

I remembered the things happened with me which happened in my past life... 

My innervoice were fighting... One was telling  to Look at photo. It'll just take a second. Identify your enemey daughter then you can look at kid... Another was telling, "The photo is still downloading.. Save the kid first..Then you can see. Go , Go and save him.. "

I looked at kid... A man took a stick and started beating him and same time I got downloaded notification. 

I decided to cross the road looking at the photo as there is signal..

I started running by opening my lockscreen. When lockscreen opened and I am about to view Michael Daughter pic... I bumped with a girl.. Due to this my phone fell down..

I turned back and she was running towards the road which I crossed from.. I turned back..

I could see signal in the road is started clearing and I saw the kid running to cross the road trying to suicide..

I ran and I manged to take the kid and I fell down in pavement with kid on top of me..

I got up and I saw many vehicles stepping on my phone.. Due to many vehicles stepping on it my phone squeezed completely and I am sure the memory card and everything would have squeezed by now.. Everything is happening because of the girl who bumped me..

I looked at her she was buying water on near by shop... I got angry.... I felt like killing her..

I started crossing road again.. But I felt someone holding my hand.... I looked down to see who it was... It was the little kid

kid: "Bro can you help me cross the road too.."

I carried him and started to cross the road..

As soon as I crossed and I put the kid down and he started running... I shouted at him "Hey where are you.."

I felt I bumped into someone.... I said "Sorry"

   When l started to go I remembered this is the same kid(elina) who always bump into me.. And today because of this kid I wasn't able to see Micheal daughter face..

The girl looked at me and started runing from me.. I held her hand and asked....

me: "Why you always bump into me and spoil my luck ?"

she was trying to get away from my grip...

elina: "Leave me... Leave me"

she looked at a haandicap kid.. The kid whom I save was also sitting next to the girl..

The handicapped kid started fainting..

elina: "Leave me"

 I freed my hands and she run towards the handicapped girl and started and gave her water... she fed her some sweets and girl came consious...

this kid whom I always bump.. came near me.. 

Elina: " Do you think I always bump into you wantedly... You said because of me  your phone is broken... Here is the money...(Throwing money at his face) Your phone can be bought with this money.... Will you be able to bring if something happened to her..You know what if I didnt feed her or made her drink water she would have died.."


me: "what...?!!? "

elina: "Its because of money minded people like you... They made her starve for 10 days.."

My eyes started turning red in anger..

elina: "today she was trying to cross the road for saving her brother and a truck was about to hit her.. thank  god I came right time or else... When truck was about to bump on her she was about to faint..When I asked she said my him.. those people will make him blind... When I was about to save kid brother I saw he was also about to bump in car to save his sister thank god someone saved him.... When I told the girl she lost her energy.. she said she didn't eat for 10 days.."

I felt bad for misunderstanding a good kid sorry angel kid like her... If she was there 2 years ago then I would have not lost my.....(sighs) 

    The devil kid sorry angel kid was scolding me continuosly... But instead of anger I was smiling like fool..

    The little kid who I saved held the angel girl pant and pulled her down

kid: "Sister you misunderstood.... the person who saved me is Bro.."

    The angel kid was staring me...  I could see feel of guilty in this stare of hers..

    kid: " thanks bro because of you I am alive.... thanks sis because of you my sister is alive.. "

I carried the little kid 

me: " I'll join you and your sister in children home... they will provide good education and food... Will you come with me "

The kid hesitated...

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