elina (p o v) 

  I am so happy, that hayden is the boy who saved me in the past.. we met before in our life.. 

then i asked him that I want to see kelvin place.. first two minutes he didn't said anything.. he just hugged me 

hayden: " fine let's go.. "

then we both went to kelvin grave.. I took Lily flowers.. I kept it on grave and prayed.. we spent some time there.. then he took me to his old home, where he spent time with Jenna and kelvin.. all the things were there still.. but the place was clean...

hayden: " whenever I was feeling sad.. I was coming to this place.. so maid will be cleaning this home time to time.. " I just nodded my head.. then he took me to kelvin room.. 

his photos from birth till he died.. and all the toys were still neatly arranged... hayden was showing many things.. even kelvin clothes everything was there.. the way he was saying about kelvin and how he was playing with kelvin.. I got to know how

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