The Rest of her Life Begins Now

She was looking every day since the day she graduated for a job. it never seemed to be anything she was qualified for. She was redoing her resume all the time to try to make herself sound better to an employer. Nothing was working. She had been passed over so many times now.

The jobs she had been working off and on for the past four years said she was to quailifed for them now and they wouldn’t be needing her any longer. She was stuck. By going to school and finishing she had limited herself. That day had been the best of her life and now she was struggling because of it. She had to think of something fast but nothing seemed to show itself.

Everyday she sent in more applications and resumes to see what she could do. At this point she was willing to do anything. She only had another month or so’s worth of month and her loans payments were going o start coming in soon though she thought she had a few months on those. Everything else she was trying to balance.

No one wanted to hire her. That was a hard pill to swallow but she knew there had to be something out there. There had to be some way she could make money. Though she could not see it. She could not think of what it could be. She was lost in the ocean and trying to stay afloat.

It seemed even her roommate and friends Marie could see her battle with herself and she was almost enjoying it. The other woman had figured something out. Though she didn’t really go to work except on the weekends she had enough to make her payments and everything for the apartment. Though she never had much left over. It almost was a slap in the face to Scar that she couldn’t get even a part time job at this point.

Weeks were passing and it was the same. Places wanted experience and the degree but not many people had both. She needed someone to take a chance on her. At this point she was almost willing to beg for a chance. She just needed to figure this out.

She drove out to her parents house not far out of the city. She got out and looked at the yard that needed some work. “Here to brag about how good you got it? “her father asked as he walked out of the front door to stand on the stoop and look at his oldest daughter.

“No.” Scarlet said as she opened the squeaky front gate. “Dad do you know of anyone looking for someone to hire?”

“Can find a job with that fancy degree you had to get?” her dad laughed and she felt like turning and walking away. This wasn;t worth it. She knew it would be a mistake.

“Why does everything have to be about the degree or the fact I went to college, dad? Why can’t you just say something like hi Scarlet how are you?” she asked as she was almost on the verge of tears.

“I told you that you didn’t need it. You did this to yourself. Remember that when you want sympathy.” Her father said.

“As if I would ever get that here.” She replied as she turned and walked out of the front yard. There was nothing for her there anymore. The day she left to try and better herself was the day they stopped caring about her. It was a blessing in many ways for the family. One less mouth to feed.

She turned and looked at the house one last time knowing that she would never be back there. The rest of her life was looking lonely and without anyone there to help her. That was okay really. She had always done everything on her own. She would find a way. She always did. Somewhere there was someone who would hire her. She just had to find them.

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