Chapter seven


"Never mind," she said, shaking her head after a while.

I tried hard to grip on my patience and try not yell at her but I failed woefully.

"Why?" I asked my voice slightly higher than usual.

"Why aren't you saying anything about what is going on, or are you just going to keep pretending not to know?"

Her eyes dimmed a little at the harsh words but if that is what is going to wake her up I'm more than willing to say them.

"Is what Dad and Blaze doing right?" I asked, demanding some words out of her. 

For the first time I am really happy I didn't take after her or I might be long dead.

"Say something!" 

"I thought you were here so that we can talk but you clearly don't have anything to say to me"

"Goodnight" I said after a few minutes of stifling silence, I climbed into bed with the covers over my head.

A short while later she left and I have never felt this disappointed before.


I forgot to close the window last night and I got welcomed by the warm sun light today.

The time on my nightstand indicates I'm already late for training. 

I slept late last night after having a good cry, it is still painful to think about how unbothered mom appeared to be.

I turned around and tried to get another minute of sleep but the universe has another plan for me when Kath entered in the most annoying way. 

"Good morning!" she singsong in her loud voice.


"Training has started and you are here hugging your pillow an hour late" she said trying to pull the duvet off my body.

"I thought since this is the weekend I can sleep to my satisfaction, why are you disrupting my sleep?" I glared at her which she surprisingly returned.

"Your eyes can't kill, so get your sleepy ass up" she succeeded in chasing all the sleep away. 

"Were you made to be pure nightmare in my life" I demanded finding her funny. 

"I'm your Savior" she replied battling her lashes cutely at me.

"Save that for your mate" I made my way to the bathroom.

I'm often misjudged because of my height, I dress up in a knee length short and a tank top showing off my toned abs.

I tie my hair up in a high ponytail with a light lip gloss to finish the look. 

"Alpha it is already hot outside, what will we do with this truckload of hotness you are serving us" Kath flattered in her absurd way.

She never calls me Alpha willingly only if she wants to flatter me, I sweat a lot resulting in me dressing this way.

"Wait where is Damien?" I asked, not seeing the meek looking boy anywhere in the room because of his quiet demeanour it makes it hard to notice his absence. 

He said he is not strong enough to train today hence he remains at home.

"It's strange anyways him staying at home," I said, making a note to check on him after training. 

Our training grounds are divided into two, one part for the men which is always led by my father or his beta. But today I can see Blaze leading them  and that doesn't feel right because unconsciously the jerk is penetrating everywhere.

The female side is always led by me but because I'm late today they are engaging them in some brawl.

"Gather up!"

I shouted trying to get their attention, they gathered close to where I was standing without objections. 

"I'm sorry for being late today"

The words hadn't left my mouth when someone snorted.

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