chapter 32

Si Yi Yan took Mo Ting and Ye Mufan into his room but Jiang Ning stood on the foot of the stairs looking at the their back infact she kept standing there even when the door was closed .

" Jiang Ning?" Si Ye Han called her , he couldn't understand why she was behaving in such a peculiar manner . It was just a new friend , was that something for her to worry about so seriously ? 

Jiang Ning jumped at his sudden call then started bumbling ,she rushed to the kitchen and banged her ankle on the edge of the banister but the pain hardly registered in her overly anxious mind . Watching her behave like this Si Ye Han followed behind and stood next to her , Jiang Ning was mumbling about something he couldn't quite understand and there was this panic stricken look on her face as if something terrible have happened .

" Jiang Ning ?" he tapped her shoulder lightly but She didn't respond to her , frowning

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Ci Ci
please update more and give this book a good ending ......
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Maria Catherine
yeah. i mean it’s understandable if it’s days but not weeks. The author is updating and promoting daily her other novels though. it’s sad that she abandoned this one
goodnovel comment avatar
2 weeks ago come on author is too much

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