Wife , come sleep with me

" Mr . Si ? You - You are awake ?" the nurse who just entered the room to check on his vitals was stunned , didn't Doctor Mu said that Mr Si will be knocked out for a long period of time ? What was this then ? 

" En " Si Ye Han had no idea what or where he was , it was still better for him to keep control on his emotions and as for that woman ? Now that he was back , he will repay all of her ' love and care ' ten times folds !

" What is today's date ?" he asked , his heart thumping wildly as he waited for the nurse to answer his question .

" Its july twenty six " 

" Year ?" 

" 2017 ....Mr Si are you feeling alright ?" seeing Si Ye Han 's ashen complexion, the nurse was startled . What happened to him ? wasn't he fine just a second ago ? This - this wasn't good thing ! She needed to call the doctor as soon as possible , with that she rush

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